Admissions open from Prep to Grade 10. Admissions open from Prep to Grade 10.
Admission & Academics


We are delighted that you are considering KPS as a prospective school for your child. Choosing the right school for your child has always been a difficult task. Hence KPS encourages all parents to visit the school, and understand our teaching ideology, to experience the KPS setting and friendly environment.
The school ensures that students coming from diverse communities, regions, backgrounds and professions are given a common platform and an equal opportunity. We ensure that we perfectly integrate positive social values, coupled with a creative freedom that equips every student with necessary life skills.


Nursery: The child should be at least 2 years 5 months old, prior to June 1st.
LKG: The child should be at least 3 years 5 months old, prior to June 1st.
UKG: The child should be at least 4 years 5 months old, prior to June 1st.
The student will be admitted based on the interaction with the parents and child.


Entrance tests in English and Mathematics will have to be completed to a satisfactory level. (The entrance tests will be based on the previous syllabus)


Entrance tests in English and Mathematics will have to be completed to a satisfactory level. (The entrance tests will be based on the previous syllabus)


Primary, Middle and High School Curriculum Explained

The Primary, Middle and High School curriculum at Kallavar is designed with CBSE & State English Medium to cater to the natural curiosity that children have at these ages. Students are encouraged to share ideas and experiences, and develop a sense of community and discipline through interactions with nature, people, objects and the environment. Regular projects and activities get students to explore and investigate, consolidate and connect what they learn, ponder over and question, and then demonstrate their learning in multiple ways. Teachers play roles of teachers,facilitators, and guides.

Teaching Methodology:
Interactive Teaching

Interactive teaching methods are an effective way to connect with a generation of students used to consistent stimulation.

Explosion Of Ideas

The classrooms and bulletin boards in school reflect the learning and participation of the whole class in understanding the topic on hand. The displays are an explosion of ideas, creativity and pride, illustrating discoveries in languages, math and science. Each class sets its own rules for expected behaviour, which is synchronised to the school policies.

Teaching Through

Teaching through projects: Our approach views learning and teaching in a holistic way and this is achieved through meaningful projects that reflect the real world. This approach prepares children to take responsibility for their own learning and become lifelong learners. It also facilitates sharing of ideas and a strong sense of community.

Field Trip

Extended learning opportunities are provided in the form of field trips.

Physical Education

Physical Education is so planned that there is development of physical capacities, team spirit and an understanding of the rules of various games. Taekwondo is a part of the weekly training that all students undergo.

Extra-Curricular Areas

Inter-house competitions like memory test, spell-bee, shloka recitation, film hits, mental math, fancy-dress, etc… offer a wide array of opportunities for students to hone their talents and develop an interest in extra-curricular areas.

Co-Curricular Activities

Every day, a period is dedicated to specific activities like Class Assembly, GK Quiz, Drafting articles for the School News Letters and so on.

Developing Core Values

The school believes in being secular and students are exposed to various national and religious festivals which are celebrated in school. They are encouraged to develop the values of respect and tolerance.


Assessments: Relevant, formative and continuous, they are based on observations, projects, activities, worksheets, research and presentations, and monthly tests – linked to learning experiences.

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Launched in 2016 /17 by Kallavar Educational Trust, we rapidly changed the face of School education in the country. Our success, as one of the leading education services.

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